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Now available on the App Store, version 3.0 brings a wealth of added features to the popular total home control app, including full functionality on iPhone®, iPod touch®, and iPad® devices†.
Whether you are a homeowner, building contractor, developer,
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The way you choose to light a room can set the mood, add life and enhance appeal. Way beyond simply making things visible, it puts you in control of what to accentuate and where to lead the eye.

With the design help and experience of Steven Vinci Electrical Contractors, Inc., you can turn a room you like into a room you’ll love.

Amongst the many ways we can help with your lighting needs are:

- REPLACING LIGHT FITTINGS AND FIXTURES: For enhanced visual appeal, you can replace old lights throughout your home.

- NEW ACCENT & TRACK LIGHTING: Add lighting design flair to your rooms beyond a simple bulb in the center of the ceiling. You can add accents to emphasize parts of the room – either for overall appeal, or for practical purposes – such as in a cooking area.

- RECESSED, CUPBOARD AND BOOKCASE LIGHTING: Clever lighting solutions out of site.

- LIGHTING AUTOMATION: For the ultimate in home lighting, consider adding automation to your home’s lighting – with lights that can come on when you enter a room, change from a central control panel or even be controlled from your car as you arrive home. Steven Vinci Electrical Contractors, Inc. are Boston’s LUTRON automated lighting professionals.

LUTRON has been providing energy saving light control solutions for almost half a century. Today, energy efficiency is an essential feature of every home and savvy business. Did you know that lighting can account for up to 20% of a household’s yearly electricity usage, and up to 40% a year commercially? When considering your options, know that Lutron dimming saves energy without sacrificing style or convenience.

- LIGHT SWITCHES & DIMMERS: Adding state of the art light switches and dimmers to your lighting set-up can give you new levels of control and lighting ambiance. A simple dimmer switch can create shades of light within a room, and save on electricity too.

- LIGHTING SAFETY & CODE COMPLIANCE: We can check the lighting safety of newly purchased homes, or where you are experiencing problems.

- LANDSCAPE & FLOODLIGHTING: To show your home’s and garden’s full potential, and make for a welcome return from work.

- OUTDOOR LIGHTING: For decking, garden and patio areas so you and friends can enjoy the outdoors long into the summer night.

- OUTDOOR ELECTRICS: Including outdoor sockets for a range of uses including pool and spa pumps, fridges, stereos, power tools and water features.

- AUTOMATED LIGHTING: Your outdoor lighting can be connected to a full lighting automation system to be controlled by timer, central control panel or even remote control in your car. See our automated lighting page here for more information.

- SECURITY LIGHTING: To help protect your home, including motion sensor lighting, and lighting of parking and door areas.

- HOLIDAY LIGHTING: We can help with all your needs for safe holiday lighting during the festive season. Ensure that your holiday lighting is designed for outdoor applications including rain and snow.

- POOL & SPA CONNECTIONS: To hook-up your pool or spa for pumps, lights and heaters.

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