Enhanced Lutron Home Control+
App Version 3.0
Now available on the App Store, version 3.0 brings a wealth of added features to the popular total home control app, including full functionality on iPhone®, iPod touch®, and iPad® devices†.
Whether you are a homeowner, building contractor, developer,
business owner, real estate
management company, architect or engineer, Steven Vinci Electrical Contractors, Inc. looks forward to serving all of your electrical and communication needs, all backed by a warranty and satisfaction
guaranteed service.
From automated lighting and shading to fully integrated control systems there is a solution for your home, old or new. Steven Vinci Electrical Contractors, Inc. is a leading certified LUTRON installer – your local experts in home and commercial lighting automation.

Our LUTRON and home automation solutions include:

LIGHTING AUTOMATION: Imagine complete control over your lighting, with favorite presets for every mood, and central or remote controls. You can even control some systems via an internet connection with any PC, iPhone or even iPod.

SHADING AUTOMATION: With silent operation, contemporary shading designs and effortless automated practicality, consider a shading automation installation for your home.

FULLY INTEGRATED SYSTEMS: We can suggest and professionally install a full package that gives you total control over your home environment, along with the best in lighting energy savings.

COMMERCIAL SOLUTIONS: Including centralized lighting and shading control, and energy efficiency savings.

LIGHTING CONTROLS & DIMMERS: Get the most out of your system with the range of Lutron lighting solutions. They offer a range of stylish designs to fit with your home and your lifestyle, as well as some of the latest lighting technology at your fingertips.  Service can help show you the best options for your home.

For complete control of your home’s environment you sometimes want to control not just artificial light, but also daylight. An automated shading solution can put that control at your fingertips, and also save money on your home’s cooling needs on sunny days. Steven Vinci Electrical Contractors, Inc. is the automated shading specialist in Greater Boston, and we are certified installers for the LUTRON range of automated shading products.

Consider the benefits of a shading solution for you and your family:

AUTOMATED SHADING: With an automated solution, you can change the natural light throughout your home at the touch of a button from a central control, or program the times of day you would like your shades to open or close. When set according to an astronomical clock that knows exactly when the sun rises and sets throughout the year, and automatically adjusts for daylight savings time, your shades can open and close automatically in conjunction with your home’s lighting turning on. If your home has a beautiful view or garden, you may wish to customize your settings so that you can wake to the view, or see it when you sit down for breakfast.

SENSOR SHADING: Your shading can also be combined with sensors that monitor daylight and adjust the light levels in a room automatically. This can be a great way to save on your cooling needs in summer too. In summer, the shades can close to reduce the heating from the sun. The settings can, of course, be overridden.

REMOTE CONTROL & PRESET SHADING: Imagine being able to control your shades in rooms or throughout your home with a remote control and a range of presets. You could set it to block out light while you watch an afternoon movie or take a nap. Or you could close all your shades when you head off for work, and open them all when you return – from a single control panel. Remote controls can also be an excellent choice for hard-to-reach windows and skylights.

SILENT TECHNOLOGY: In addition to the automation technology, the shades work almost silently.

SKYLIGHTS, DRAPES & ROMAN SHADES: The automation can be applied across all types of windows and openings – including even skylights and drapes.

CHOICE OF SHADING & MATERIALS: The shading itself is, of course, of critical importance. It’s not just an essential aesthetic component of your home, but in practical terms the amount you choose to shade the light will depend on the range of applications. Some shading can allow privacy while allowing light in, home theater applications will require blocking the light entirely with darker shading and sheer shades will reduce glare and heat while maintaining exterior views. We can help you with a full range of different shading swatches and options so you can choose the perfect match for each and every room in your home. Lutron shades come in a wide variety of colors, patterns and fabric materials. For all your home automation and Lutron installation needs, Steven Vinci Electrical Contractors, Inc. can help you with friendly advice, experience of designing and installing automation systems in homes and businesses across Greater Boston, and satisfaction guaranteed service.

- ULTIMATE HOME THEATER INSTALLATIONS: With hidden wires, ample power and surge protection, and sound around your room.

- LIGHTING AND SHADING AUTOMATION: Turn your living room into a theater with just a touch of a remote control – even during the day.

- FLAT PANEL WALL INSTALLATIONS: Hang your LCD or Plasma screen on the wall and hide the wires.

- ENTERTAINMENT THROUGHOUT THE HOME: Send cable TV and multimedia throughout the home, so you can watch and listen from room to room.

- NEW SOCKETS AND UPGRADED CAPACITY: Run you electronics safely. A full home theater set-up requires more sockets than are generally provided when houses are built. Don’t create a fire hazard by overloading extension panels from a single socket.

- ETHERNET LAN INSTALLATIONS: Create your own 100 Gigabit per second local area network with our Cat 6 installations. Watch multimedia streamed directly off the internet on the big screen.
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